Parallax image background based on screen position

It would be good if the background image of an object could be made to offset, based on the scroll position of a page. (aka parallax effect) And also the ability to adjust the speed it scrolls at (0.5x 1x or 2 or an arbitrary figure etc…)

I know there’s scrollR, but development for that has stopped, and I don’t want to be using something that’s heading for obsolescence. :smile:

Hi @gaz

Have a search on here for parallax as there are a few posts on the subject.

Also look here Michael’s website where there is an example of a parallax template you can download and pick up some tips.

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Thanks @DBear

this is a very basic code but it works well.
you can change direction and speed

function parallax(){
  var scrolled = $(window).scrollTop();

Your welcome @michelangelo

Also just to note that the above code needs JQuery to be added in the Head HTML.

Here is a vanilla version.

window.addEventListener('scroll', function () {

    var scrolled = window.scrollY;
    element.querySelector('.parallax').style.marginTop = "-" +(scrolled*0.25)+ "px";

forgot :slight_smile:
I’ll check your code, thanks @DBear

Thanks, I’ve only just got around to trying this, do I add the code into the header between tags ? or as a script that runs within “on Scene Load”.

I guess I give the picture a Unique Element ID of “parallax” ?


no, you don’t need a unique ID for parallax objects.
you can apply the parallax behavior to multiple objects with classes only.

Download this template, I added the parallax effect to some objects ( mac classic and the rainbow inside the apple)

BTW: the code by @DBear is better than mine, you could try both.