Paid work of page design for freelancer

(Alex) #1


Here are almost 15 pages desgins work, I already made rough design, but I just fill the content that I want to express.

I am not good at desgin, so I would like find someone who are good at design to do this work:

1.Please access to, you will find all of the pages and content under “lovcour” MENU ITEMS.
2.Background: these pages are used to present our brand, and it is a cosmetic brand.
3.Responsive to mobile and most of laptop layout.

I need you:

  1. what is your design style?
  2. What is your creative ideas upon how to present the content and show the brand…
  3. How manny hours do you need, and how manny I should pay for this work.

If you are not good at Chinese, just use google translate extension in your chrome browser, I think you can understand most of what the content mean.:slight_smile:

By the way, there are some videos in those page, and there is an issue of playing video in Safari, so please use Chrome or Firefox, those videos will play well.

I am in China, Beijing, it is +8 time zone, and I will try to reply to you ASAP.

Please message me, or send me email: alexlii at yahoo dot com, and thanks


(Anna) #2

Hi Alex,


It would be a pleasure for me to assist you with your requirement as I have successfully accomplished the projects in the same domain.

Please check you PM for further details.



@alexlii I recommend moving this conversation to your private messages (or, ideally, email) with @app_freak.

(Alex) #5

Oh, sure,sorry about this:slight_smile:

(Anna) #6

Hi Alex,
I have estimated your Project. Can you please share your email address so that i will send you the estimate.
Awaiting your response.
Best Regards,


Again … @alexlii and @app_freak I would advise keeping this in a PM as Daniel has said. And further advice would be not to share your email address here :smiley:

(Alex) #8

@DBear, thanks.

and sorry for inconvenience, I already delete my last post.

@app_freak, thanks for your message, and please send me email: alexlii at yahoo dot com.

Thanks all.



No probs and no inconvenience :smiley: just thought it may be a more private discussion. :wink: I see though you don’t mind sharing your email address so that’s fine :smiley: I know I wouldn’t want to :slight_smile:

(Alex) #10


No, I do not mind, actually I think I would like to discus these kind of cooperation more publicly, and it is a benefit to both of freelancer and me.

But if you do not encourage this way, I accept private conversation and communication…

Thanks, and I love this community.


(Anna) #11

Thanks for your feedback but I dont why i am not able to send him PM thats why i asked him to share his email address.
Sorry I will keep such things in my mind from next time.


(Anna) #12

Thanks Alex,
I am sending you an email shortly.


Not for me to say … more for Tumult. But, I know this category was created to help people look for freelancers but Tumult’s policy is that the logistics are kept outside of the forums. Or at least to clarify that there will be no intervention from Tumult in anything regarding the work. Just an FYI.

Ahh … ok that’s fine. It maybe because you are a new user. Normally you would click the user’s picture and a pop up like this

would appear and you can click on the blue “Message” to PM a user.

(Alex) #14

Thanks @DBear,

I see, and thanks for your support here.:grinning:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #15

@DBear knows our mind! This is not a major issue or anything and we definitely like facilitating folks connecting for contract work. For your own sake it is best to eventually move to email (PMs are okay but we don’t want to be responsible for the written record in case of legal issues). Further PMs/email help reduce forum noise since after a connection it is really just between the two parties. There’s a note about it on the pinned topic for this category.

(Alex) #16

Thank @jonathan,

There are really great information for me