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Mikael Skotting, Raaskot Visual.
An interactive illustrator, on-line visual communicator and very experienced Hype 3 artist.

With emphasis on screen design and interactivity my specialty is the integrated use of illustrative elements and interactive typograhical forms. My mission is to present complex information in an interesting way in sync with the audience and clients needs.

I connection with my productions made in Hype 3 I make and combine output from software packages like Anime Pro (animation, video) plus an array of other professional tools ie. the Adobe suite. Also I have gained thorough experience in converting finished ppt-files into html5 for on-line presence.

Examples, Hype:
http://raaskot.dk/raalab/dkradon/webd/ (Danish Radon Analysis)
http://raaskot.dk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/northmedia/ (Northmedia)
http://www.retsforbehold.net/ (The European Council, Denmark)


Please visit my homepage and feel free to send a me a message for further info. Speak english, german and scandinavian languages.

John A. Purdy: Experienced Hype and JavaScript Developer for Hire

I’ve been using Hype since 2011 (version 1.0) and have developed hundreds of projects using it. I know Hype extremely well, and enjoy combining it with JavaScript and CSS to create a rich interactive projects. Besides Hype, my partners and I also do web development, illustration and graphics design, and SEO and Online Marketing.

Some Hype work I’ve created:

Large e-Leaning Financial Literacy Course: http://www.mysmartmoneydecisions.com
Explainer Animation: http://www.creativecatmedia.net/project/saphirion-explainer-animation/
Community College e-Learning Courses: http://www.creativecatmedia.net/project/elearning-activity-examples/
Animated Web Site Opener: http://www.creativecatmedia.net/project/animated-intro-club-website/
Corporate Site with Interactive Product Selector: http://www.revolutionretailsystems.com/ (middle of page)
Product Configuration Tool: http://www.creativecatmedia.net/demo/Tidel-Config-Tool/home.html
Corporate Online Training: http://www.creativecatmedia.net/demo/Series-4-Training/index.html
Apple App Store Children’'s Book, sample page: http://www.creativecatmedia.net/demo/Dog-Cat-Chicken-Book-Page/Page-10.html
Apple App Store Children’'s Book, matching game: http://www.creativecatmedia.net/demo/Dog-Cat-Chicken-Matching-Game/Game-Matching.html
Interactive Banner in a Joomla Web Site: http://dls.dcccd.edu

I’m available for Hype contract work; please use the Message button to contact me. I can provide referral letters upon request.

== Advanced Hype developer, specializing in using Hype with JavaScript and CSS
== I’m also a web and multimedia developer
== I’m based in Dallas, Texas, USA
== I’ve done work with clients in England, France, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and all across the U.S.
== We have developed a children’s book app in Apple’s App Store using Hype and PhoneGap
== I specialize in using Hype for e-Learning and Training, full websites, and web interactive pieces

Our company web site:    


Francesco Marino ● www.360FUN.net ● 360° CREATIVE MIND

I’m an Italian freelancer, graduated in Web & Multimedia, with multidisciplinary skills: Full-stack Web Developer, UI-UX Designer, Motion Graphic Animator, Videomaker, Photographer… I love travelling, I speak Italian, English and Spanish, and I currently live in Barcelona.

I started to use Hype just recently (2015) because I was waiting it to be mature (but I followed it since it was born :heart: ), but this didn’t stop me to quickly reach its limits; so I started to write in this forum and I became a Beta tester. Thanks to my IT background and my strong knowledge of almost every Adobe software (After Effects and Flash especially) I feel that Hype is the tool which mostly gives me the ability to combine all my different abilities: HTML, CSS, Javascript, UI-UX, animation, interactive design, story-telling… I can’t wait to get more project where I can show my potential! :sunglasses:


  • S&B Presentation : in my latest job I pushed the company to buy an Hype licence in order to create a web presentation compatible with any device, adaptable to different customers and easy to upgrade if needed in the future.

  • 360FUN.net : my website is made in Hype, its a “work in progress”, it means I’ve many things in my mind to implement, but now is already pretty interesting (check how it adapts to mobile screens), especially for the project structure entirely made with Symbols and Hype logic.

This is a really nice initiative! :smiley: I’m pretty sure that pretty soon companies will start to realise the potentialities of tools like Hype, and we will be ready! :wink:


Justin Kovac - Pargee, LLC: Freelance Hype / Unity / Mobile development

Experienced Hype and full stack developer that has built numerous games and applications for large scale CPGs including Hershey’s and Kimberly-Clark. Experience working with managing large and small-scale Hype projects across clients for both web and mobile applications (using PhoneGap). I used to be much more active in the Hype community and am looking to dive back in after making the transition to freelancing.

Design, creation and authoring of games and interactive experiences built with Hype.

HTML / JS / CSS / C# / MySQL / AWS Lambda - DynamoDB / Python / Unity / PhoneGap / UX / 3D / tech stack consultation

Kimberly-Clark Efficient Workplace
Misc GitHub Samples

Currently available for any size project - please reach out to chat!

Additional information;

Thanks for your time!

Glenn Parsons/factualform/astroluxdesign

Illustrative Infographics


At factualform we design and create interactive html5 artwork that describes your information in decorative and graphic artwork that creates both interest and clarity. The online viewer is drawn to interact with compelling designs that through movement and art impart knowledge while engaging the viewer’s interest with the elements.

Color, typography, illustration and interactivity transform even routine information into a high-impact visual. For editorial, the marketplace, or reference websites, factualform can help your users engage with your content.

Please contact us through our website with questions about your particular infographic requirements, prices and timelines for delivery.

Please see our other site for examples of illustration and design: www.astroluxdesign.com

I agree. We spent many months attempting to create interactive, visual content using a variety of platforms, such as articulate storyline, and others. We got only so far, but, time after time, discovered the platforms were typically good only for e-learning projects that would be viewed on a desktop. Our audiences will view our content more often not on a cell phone, so we need a platform that delivers something nimble that works well on all platforms. I have found one developer here who has been super patient in helping us develop some cool stuff! I think companies are often slow to adapt. But after just a couple weeks, I am a huge fan of Hype.

:writing_hand: Just a friendly reminder to update or add your information in this thread if you are available for hire (or update it if you are not).

I'm a freelance digital artist. I've been using Hype for several years now. I wouldn't call myself a guru, but I do understand the basics of it. I mostly used it at my last agency for digital banner ads and social media animations. But always looking for new opportunities. Take a look at my work:
If you like what you see, let's talk.


I am Tellan. Located in UK, skilled and experienced major in graphic design and motion graphic for branding and exhibitions, I am eager to looking for job opportunites.

Kindly please visit my design portfolio website https://whetstone-vc.co.uk, which was totally design and composed by the Tumult Hype as well as published only by myself.

Please don't hesitate to contact me at enquiry@whetstone-vc.co.uk if you find I would work for you.