Paid position for a dynamic content expert

We are a creative agency with a paid opportunity available for someone with expert knowledge in bringing externally-hosted dynamic content into Hype--this would include text, data, video and imagery (if possible)--as well as custom styling of some elements. Your role would be to train our team on the process of coding and implementing external dynamic content into Hype. We are looking for robust, advanced solutions but we are primarily content creators, not developers, so the ability to explain things clearly and create repeatable processes is key. If interested, please send questions and links to working examples.

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Just use Hype Data Magic. It is effortless to implement (look at the trailer and GitHub page):

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Just to clarify, what would be the use case you would need this external dynamic content? For example, is it needed for website contents that is changing, or is it for dynamic ads in Google studio?

Thanks for your reply, Max. I enjoy your posts. For my team, who are not programmers, "effortless" may not be all that effortless. We're hoping to find someone that can train us on how to implement (at a basic level) what Data Magic has to offer. If you have any recommendations, we'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Hi BannerMan,

It would mostly be used for landing page content that is changing on the fly, but we can envision other marketing use cases as well.

I actually offer just that. See

(German page, but I can also do it in English)

Thanks, Max. I will check it out.

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