Pacman made with Hype

pacman, control by arrow keys
just hype and its new getter, setter-functionality, no additional js-library :slight_smile:
please check if it is playable, and i’ll think of pimping it up :slight_smile: (74.2 KB)


playable!!! but impossible :smile:

had one or two glitches where it went into a wall but it came straight back out

Also when turning left seems to go upside down.

Good effort! Lots of potential.


BTW My best score was 2 left!

WOW! realy cool. the time to eat the points is very short :sunglasses:

Way cool.

Amazing work, @h_classen!


haha :smile:

it’s quite hard work to make the setup with lots of elements within hype :wink:
the document was stable and not to slow to manage though! Duplicating one item several times i noticed that sometimes the focus is on the wrong element when select an element.
It would be nice to set/get multiple properties at once.
rotateX; rotateY … just to mention :slight_smile:
@DBear only 2 coins left¿ chapeaux :slight_smile:


Well done Hans, that should be posted on Hype’s demo page… (pending copyright issues)

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did a few updates:
welcome screen, win screen, random position for pacman at start, collision control guess even better :wink:

to do:
i guess it would be nice for pacman to jump to new randomposition on tab or enter 1 to three times
player -> ranking

@gasspence just fun :slight_smile:

enter link description here

151023 added some slots (red marked) where you (and ghosts:) ) can switch to the opposit site :slight_smile:

When I tried your second version, I clicked the link on an iPad… doh.

Any way using you older version I added buttons for the iPad. And using the content scaling ( first time using that so hope I got it right)

Maybe you can do it for you later version.

pacman.hype (114.5 KB)

Ohh just got to 0. what happens next…? : :smiley:

@MarkHunte thx for implantation :slight_smile: really nice approach.
in fact i really wasn’t sure if it runs smoothly on mobiles, hope it does though
searching for the loadingcable ,:wink:

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Only tried it on a iPad Air 2. Works nice.

It would be great to get the buttons to repeat on holding down.
Maybe able to do it on a timer and invalidate the timer on touch up.

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Here is one using the setInterval I was speaking about…

pacman.hype (114.7 KB)

What would be really cool is if we could integrate a joystick like (I think it was) @Luckyde was playing with.

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@Marc iPad loaded :slight_smile: and boing it’s really nice playable! i like the approach of one tap per step more then the setIntervalmethod. could you get something about the joystick-like approach?


  • slightly changed the gamestart. guess now it’s better to identify where the pacman is located on start
  • fixed an issue with the slots (they lead to the opposite side when you go thru) guess now they work correct all the time :wink:
  • worked on collisiondetection (again … hope it’s even better now, but not slower)
  • added a timer :smile:


  • randomize ghostsposition at start (not a big thing === next step)
  • stages (thinking of what could be new / harder on different stages)
  • player -> ranking (localstorage, webstorage) (guess the easiest would be to take it from the pinballgame)
    (mobiledetection) -> thats easy, but guess leading to a new / other mobileversion would be better than desktopversion with buttons (except iPad portrait :slight_smile: )

link2pacman (117.2 KB)


Wow, way cool love the portals.

I got a a joystick working - kinda…

I can take out the setInterval.
But two problems so far… using the jQuery draggable I cannot find a way to slow it down. I think it moves too fast. Also Pacman can get dragged out of bounds of the blocks or more into the blocks… not sure how to solve that one?

I will add it as is to the new version and post it back here when I get a min.

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randomizing ghostsposition at every new start === done
link2pacman (117.0 KB)

@MarkHunte my goal is to avoid third pardy js-library (like jquery) for the pure gaming. Just hype and pure JS-functionality. The reason is more or less sportif :wink: AND i noticed that jquery really slows things down. Also it doesn’t seem to work with hypes new fraqtual (not whole pixelbased) animations. Anyway I’m open to every approach and like the idea to create sthg based on the communities engagement :smile:

Agreed I would really like to make a joystick with pure hype and JS, but not found a way to completely do that yet.

They joystick was only an experiment anyway… :smile: I think the real way I would do this if I was to put something like this in a iOS app would be to use the WKWebView cross directional control of the page and app. And then use cocoa/device motion controls.

by the way,
Your collision changes fixed the fist issue of paceman going out of boundaries .
I added a drag counter to control the speed of repeat drag events being accepted. This works well to some extent but not were I am fully happy with it.

may work :wink:

@MarkHunte i’ve got no ideas and knowledge on iOS-apps :frowning:

working - the only thing, what happened to me often. i loose one live on start, even when i don´t move.
it zoomes in and collides with a ghost. i´m not able to avoid this.

yes, shit happens :slight_smile: it’s like in real live :wink: i’ll put this on the list …