Organize Resources Library with folders

Hi! I’m relatively new to Hype and I think it’s a FANTASTIC app! I’m currently converting a Flash project of mine into Hype and it’s working great.

I’m coming from the After Effects world and I was surprised you couldn’t organize the Resources Library a la After Effect’s Project Window (just to keep things neat, especially on complicated projects). Am I missing something? So far this is my only real complaint (if you want to call it that). Great job on Hype, folks! It’s awesome!


Hi Pat!

I also have been working on Flash conversion project for the past year. What specifically is your issue?

The motion graphics style of organization is not in Hype’s DNA at this time (unfortunately) - the “Resources Library” is an incredibly hobbled source of grief when working with a large number of elements to control.

2000+ elements in my project and I’ve had to drill them one at a time - ahhhhh!!!

It would already help I think if the resource folder had a ‘collapse everything’ option.

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Hi Jim. It would just be nice to be able to organize the elements in the resources pallet into folders. It’s as simple as that. And the “collapse everything” would drastically simplify what you’re looking through.

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Slightly unrelated, but since we are here, I would love to be able to directly open a file contained in the resource file. A png. for example could open in whatever app created it.

I do love the fact that if I edit an outside file that Hype offers to update it in Hype, that is slick, no doubt about it.

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Thanks for the requests! The Resource Library hasn’t been changed much since its introduction since 1.5 and definitely could use some of these features!

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QuickView is implemented in the Resource Library (which is AWESOME), but the “Open with…” button is unoperational for some reason. If this worked it would do what your suggesting. I’m going to guess this is an MacOS bug?

The dirty secret with the ‘Open’ button in the Resource Library Quick Look view is that we intentionally disable it. Hype right now doesn’t like its files being modified from underneath it, which is what opening in another app would do. There’s no way to hide the Open button in the Quick Look view, so in adding the view the best I could do is disable its functionality. It’s really a temporary solution as it is a valid request to be able to edit assets in another app :slight_smile:.

No kidding? As long as Hype recognizes the link to the outside file it’s pretty gracefully about replacing it.

That’s the outside file, and we’re managing the replacement.

That said, it does give the interesting idea that if we still have the link we could potentially use that open button to open the outside file…

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I am also looking forward to having the ability to import Folders into the Resources as well as organizing content there into Folders. It doesn’t take too long for the Resources to get unwieldy. As well, I do a lot of work with 360s, which means even more files.

It would be awesome to collaspe everything in folders like images, fonts, etc.