OnePager with Full Responsive StartScreen

My client want a new Website like this

On the Top a full responsive Startscreen perhaps with a Fullscreen Slider
and below place for content like the example …

is this possible with hype ?

thx for your support

some links in the forum

Short answer “Yes!” :slight_smile: It will take a bit of work :wink:

As Michael Angelo has already shown you. There are some links here that will put you on the correct path. If you need help? my advice would be to start by yourself, see how far you get and then come back to the forums and ask for help along with what you have. Of course if it’s sensitive in nature (as it’s for client) then perhaps ask privately (message) or share something similar using basic objects.

@PierreSix Just to show with a little effort you can start to achieve…

Hi DBear,

great. It’s not possible for me, i`m only a designer. Nobody in code.
It’s possible to use your File as template ?

LG Peter

Hi Pierre

There are approx 12 lines of code to help do what I did :slight_smile: the rest is just timeline :smiley:

I would say even a designer could do it :slight_smile:

If I were to share what I’ve done as a template what would be the incentive for you to learn :smiley: :smiley: and also it’s like I’m doing the work for you :smiley: :smiley:

Of course, I’m kidding! I’ll message you what I’ve done so you can see the logic.