On Page Automatic Widgets in iBooks Author


On page widgets set to play automatically work great. The only problem is that the widgets I have set to loop play in the background as you swipe through the pages and are causing performance issues. Are there any widget events that can solve my problem?

I’m aware of Advanced iBooks Author HTML Widgets: Widget Events, Storing/Sending Data, and more but sadly that doesn’t seem to help.



Unfortunately the only thing I can recommend is to reduce the portion of the screen actually animated in your widgets. If you make the widgets themselves smaller on the page, or reduce and use SVG images whenever possible, this will lower the memory requirements for the animations. As far as I know, widgets only play when you’re viewing the page containing it. Or do you think animations are happening on pages not shown?

The widgets are playing ‘behind the scenes’ and will stop when turning to two pages in either direction. I know this because if I partially swipe left or right I can see the two pages being played. This is causeing flashes, chugs and slow layer loads that obstruct the flow of the book. The widgets take up 2/3s of every page and are made entirely up of SVGs. They weigh in about half a MB each.