OAM Files Not Working In Divi Module

Not sure if this is the right forum for the issues that I've been experiencing (if I should be posting here to directly to the Tumult Hype Animations Plugin forum). But just curious if anyone has experienced this below.

So I get really hot and cold behavior when using Tumult Hype Animations plugin for Wordpress. When I export my hype animation as an OAM file and I go to Wordpress to upload the OAM file through the Hype Animations plugin, the file uploads (but not right away). The upload popup box that shows the uploading status just sits there rather than generating the shortcode. So usually, I have to either let my screen sit for a few seconds or open another browser window to keep REFRESHING until the shortcode shows under my animation list.

So when the shortcode finally shows up, I then try to go in and use the hypeanimations_anim id="#" in a text module or a module, the shortcode doesn't populate anything. It shows that it's populating but it shows up blank on my page. My experience with using Hype Animations plugin for WP is that sometimes the shortcodes work, and some times they don't. All I'm doing is exporting my animation from Hype as an OAM file and the file isn't that big...just 38mb.

Any reason why I may be getting this strange behavior? I've even updated my Divi theme but this has been happening since I started using Hype and exporting my animations in OAM format and attempting to use the code in the Divi module.

It would be great if you could identify something about the document that causes this issue -- a 38MB document is pretty large, so this might have something to do with it. Can you try with a super small oam file with just a single rectangle and see if the file size is related? Larger file sizes require a bit more time to process (unzipping, moving files, uploading).

A pretty common issue when uploading OAM files with this plugin and getting them to appear is complications with flexible documents. There's a big section devoted to this in the Wordpress Plugin thread: Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin. The takeaway is that you need to make other changes to your Hype document if you are setting 100% height for your first scene. In 99% of cases unchecking the 'height' checkbox fixes display issues for folks.

Once you get a OAM uploaded, do you find that it sometimes loads and sometimes doesn't on the page? Or does the shortcode just unpredictably fail during upload?


Thank you for your response.

I'm not really sure what specifically in relation to the document may be causing this issue. We have an animation that we made mobile responsive across all devices. The first .oam file we uploaded worked just fine but it was mobile responsive. So in the flexible layout section, we've set the scale behavior to "Shrink to Fit" with all 4 pins and cross arrows selected for Pins & Sizing.

I'm finding that all the animation .oem files do upload, the shortcode generates, but sometimes it works populating the animation and other times it doesn't. And the file is the same in size so nothing drastically is being changed on them. It could be something as simple as changing the placement of a button and re-exporting as an .oam file. It's just that we never know if he new .oam file that we import into WP, if that shortcode is going to work.

For example, I have about 16 different shortcodes generated from the .oam files in my Divi theme that I've uploaded and have the generated shortcodes. But only 1 or 2 of the shortcodes work out of the 16 which is strange. Sometimes when I place a shortcode into a text module, the divi builder shows me that the code is trying populate but it never does. No animation comes up. Just shows up empty. I don't have much experience using Tumult Hype Animation so this is still a learning experience for me.

I'll try looking at the thread that you have provided.

If you can send me one that works, and one that doesn't I'll see if I can reproduce this issue myself. (Feel free to private message me if you'd prefer not to share here)