Not showing on Wordpress

My animation isn't showing on my website.

You have any idea why it isn't loading?

I uploaded the oam through the plugin and added the shortcode.
Am I missing something?
It doesn't load anything

Here it's the same problem, so it is on all pages

Can you read the responsive document tips section on this page and let me know if that answers your question?

I already use the plugin and already created shortcodes. But now it still doesn't show anything when I implement it in the website. How can I solve this?

Seems like nothing is happening

Otherwise I can send you a login so you can see what is going on.
Is that an option?

Done that already. Should I send you a login so you can see what is going wrong?

It looks like your document has scaling set on the height dimension, which is something you can't do unless you make other adjustments to your embed code. Please read (please) this section: Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin

I added the height in the css and in the css class, but still I don't see anything happen

Perhaps you can check what I do wrong?
If so I can send you the login for the wordpress