Need help with Physics and transparency in a object

Hello, sorry if this was already asked.
I have trouble with a game (this is only a little sketch, I can send tomorrow the real project) and encounter problems trying dragging the rocket at left in the middle of the asteroids.
Thanks in advance. (53.0 KB)

Have a look at this thread.

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Thanks. Need JS and I'm not confident with it.

From a strictly physics standpoint, you can make the circle part out of multiple rectangles that are static bodies. Instead of having them rotate about their center, you can change the transform origin to be the center of the asteroid field. See: (67.8 KB)

(I got the rotation a bit wrong, but that's the general idea)

However with Hype's typical physics, you cannot have intersections with physics while dragging (the element is temporarily converted to a static body while dragging). You'd need something else for this, and that is very behavior dependent.... how do you want it to behave when you drag and it intersects?

All that said, it could be fun just to have it shoot forward and try to get in too :slight_smile:.


Waoh, thanks a lot, it is what I was looking for.

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