Navigate to specific scene in hype from outside of hype / URL string?

What is the method you would use to read from the URL string and navigate to a scene from it?

Open to all and any suggestions and advice!

:rotating_light: Please note that we can only address JavaScript questions and issues in the context of Tumult Hype, so please attach a Hype document so others can dig into what you have so far.

It requires preparing the receiving Hype document to accept a hashed scene name, or embedding a JS function on the same page. Does that help?

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Thank you so much! I did manage to get the results of what I was looking for, and i do have a solution. I am posting this example file to show my method. The results needs to be loaded onto a server to work - this grabs the current URL string and then parses it, running a switch statement and moving to the scene that is needed. (115.3 KB)