My Hype Pro 3 document now an App!


I was just approved to release my 2 player game board for the game Hnefatafl (Nef Ah Tah Ful) into the iTunes App Store last night.

The game is a drag and drop with some animation in the illustrated guide and was designed in Hype 2.0 and reworked in 3.0.
The game is an ancient variant of chess and was created as a way for 2 players to interact on the same iPad surface.

I took the Hype document and imported the HTML 5 into Xcode 6.2 and finished up the process.
No third party interpreter.
Hype is a great prototyper and as I expected a wonderful way to make apps easily.

I am working on a step by step how I did it to post later today. Update: it can be found here: Embed a Tumult Hype document in a Webview for publishing on the iOS App Store

In the meantime here is the link to the app store.


Congrats Nick…


Thanks I don’t think it will be a big seller :wink:
But it was a proof of concept mostly. I am working on a large interactive kids book and I wanted to make sure I could make the transition with a smaller project.

I have to say though that it is remarkably easy to move the project over to Xcode.
I am putting together the how to and I hope you all will get some value from it.
This version of Hype and Xcode are made for one and other :slight_smile:


A million thanks for this! This will be helpful for a large number of people. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to work on this together.


Thanks! I will send you a draft over to you tomorrow Thur am at the latest.



That looks very very interesting! I’m looking for “how to” a lot!


Do you have a link to your step by step instructions?

Fantastic Nick, congrats on the game/app. Very nice.

We are all looking forward to the documenting for Xcode with abated breath, let me know if you need any help with testing or anything else.




I will have that webpage posted by Thursday of this week.
I am making sure it is cleaned up along with code you can cut and paste into your own project as well as a couple of screen videos.
I will post the link in this forum and also send direct links to all who have shown interest.


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@nick Consider my interest shown :heart_eyes:

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Marked and noted I hope you all find it helpful!

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Oh here is the Table of Contents Draft.
The site made in Hype of course :smile:


I moved a post to a new topic: Embed a Tumult Hype document in a Webview for publishing on the iOS App Store

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Nick, that is great (Fantastic) - thanks for doing this tutorial.

On page 6 there is a graphic covering some text on the second paragraph…

Greg Thanks!
I am updating that right now should be done in 30 min.

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Thanks for moving this!

Hi Nick, this great news for lots of us. Well done indeed and look forward to your ‘how to’ post


Glad you like it I also posted it to Youtube and as well so hopefully it will help you with your apps.
I am still working out the kinks in a tutorial using SWIFT but that shows real promise and is even easier.

This is great stuff that a great many of us can use. Thanks for this.

Coming from the marketing side, I suggest a name change to something people can remember and spell so that they can find it when they are looking for it on the App Store. It may be too late, but If people can’t find it, they can’t buy it.

@nick how has the sales been? Would be really cool to hear from you on how it’s been doing.