Multiple timelines in one scene . . . issues with layers a (297.5 KB)
I have multiple timelines on each scene, they are essentially pop-up windows -but they fill the entire screen. I did the option that was mentioned in the post I made most (not all of them non-pointer events (some of them need to have pointer events. It still isn’t working -as they all need to be on top of the main page. I had to genercize the document as it is confidential.

This is related to event bubbling and pointer-events in CSS if set override their parent settings. Meaning Hype does unfortunately add some explicit pointer-events on buttons etc. that override any settings you might add to a group.

A general rule of thumb is that opacity doesn’t remove an object or group from the DOM. It just makes it invisible. So to truly remove the item from the DOM use the display property and set it to ‘none’ and then in the timeline you would record a change in the display state and the fade in. This would also ideally require that all previous reveal overlays return to the display state none. You could do that second task with a custom behavior.

Another solution would be to influence the z-index of all overlays and use some JS to sort them all to the back (behind baseline, meaning negative z-index) and only pop the one in question to positive number. See hypeDocument.setElementProperty …

Oh thank you Max -that makes sense. I will go in and try the first option, then if that doesn’t work - interpret learn how to do the 2nd. :smile:

That worked! Thank you Max!!

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Max - I don’t know if you noticed, but I have faked keeping the buttons in the active state on the scene (I know only one scene in my shared file - in the actual file every button on the top represents another scene. I am wondering if there is a better way to keep the active state of a button in a timeline. b/c I have the bottom circles as a symbol, well so I am putting individual timelines for each one on each scene - well the active buttons on those pages the fake active buttons show on top of the “pop-ups”. Is that as confusing as mud? See attached screen-shot. 34%20AM

I’m not sure I entirely follow (feel free to post the multi-scene current version of your project), but you may want to look into a Persistent Symbol which can retain state across scenes. With this, you could have the timelines animate selection as you move from scene to scene.

Otherwise having each scene have its own state for the selection is a fine way to do it.