Multiple 'On Mouse Over' Events in One Scene

Hello - I am going to have over 20 elements in one scene that I want to apply ‘On Mouse Over’ animations to. I have it working with two elements but when I add a third, depending on the z height order, only one works or sometimes two, but never all three. It seems to be a z-index issue or something but the images do not overlap so I do not know why I can’t get them all to work. Each has a separate Timeline that should play when hovered over a particular layer.


It always helps if you can post a project file so we can see whats what…

Sorry about that. Here is a file. The three animated objects are the air conditioners, the tables in the break room, and the seating area outside the elevator (pink chair/purple carpet by reception) (2.3 MB)

So the issue is that you have other elements that overlay the elements you want to mouse over.

I suggest you select everything in the Elements lists including the Groups but not the ones you want to trigger the mouse over and tick the ignore all pointer events in the Action Inspector.

My tests doing this fixed the issue.

Oh and you may want to move the kitchen tables below the Sitting Area so the Label displays above the Kitchen tables instead of below them…

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Hi Mark Just saw your post about the pointer @merehebert was having. I have a similar issue in some aspect that its a button clicktag but the pointer shows up in most browsers but not IE. I have done some research and its possible but only CSS but thats for the whole banner. This is a clicktag on a button. To sum up, the clicktag pointer is not showing on the button for IE 11.

Just wondered if you know of this issue?

Sorry I have no means to test IE so i cannot help. Maybe someone else can pick this up…

Hi Mark

I have sorted this it seems the tester I was using online was unreliable and sourced another.


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