Multiple monitor project?

Has anyone tried to create a project that plays across multiple monitors?

I’m trying to create a kiosk project that allows interaction by the user on monitor A that controls animation on monitor B. This project is playing locally off of a Mac mini, so I have complete control of the setup. Monitor A is a touchscreen and monitor B is a projector.

The monitors have different resolutions (1920x1080 main screen, 1024x768 second screen), so I’m not sure that I could have one large canvas. I thought about two separate projects, but I don’t think that I could communicate between two windows. I have a Brightsign network video player that accepts commands via serial or UDP, but I have no idea if I can even send those commands to it via Javascript. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? It has certainly got me scratching my head.

Thanks for any suggestions.

have a look at storage and its events.

simple example:
hypedocument 1:
make a button which runs:
localStorage.setItem('newScene', 'destSceneNameForThisButton');

hypedocument 2
run script onsceneload:
window.addEventListener(‘storage’, function(e) {

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Thank you, Hans-Gerd!

I got this working and it does change scenes. My next step is to figure out how to get this to run automatically where each document would fill their respective monitor. This is a kiosk so needs to run without any staff intervention. We normally use xStand, but the multiple monitor mode in that program did not work with my test files. You can load different local content on two monitors within the settings of xStand, but the second screen did not respond to scene changes. Interestingly the test didn’t work in Chrome. Only Safari.

Here are my test files if anyone wants to look at them.

Frog-Two Doc Test (12.6 KB)
Frog-Two Doc Test (15.8 KB)

using a js-library for storage may normalize the support/differences of different browsers …
browser settings and origin may cause problems with local storage

functionality of storage is well documented on known places :slight_smile:

i remember that @MarkHunte once provided a osx kiosk solution using webview … this may work …