Modify the points of a group for Masking

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    I know that the subject of masks has been in demand since the beginning of Hype. I think the use of groups to perform this function is a brilliant idea. By playing with several groups you can achieve complex masks and very attractive effects.

Now I'm asking, would it be possible to edit the dots in the four corners of the groups to have more flexibility?

I'll give the example of modifying these points in a vector drawing program, so that the idea is better understood.

I think that with this editing capability (if possible in code) the masking options are multiplied exponentially. If, in addition, we play with groups within groups and the ability to round corners (I imagine that only in square or rectangular shapes) the combinations become infinite.
I'm sure this idea has crossed the mind of more than one of the users of Hype, but I haven't seen it reflected in the forums. For this reason I share it, perhaps there have been improvements in the programming that make it easier to do so.

  1. Have you found a workaround for this problem?

  2. Are there examples of other apps with this feature? Or, have you seen examples of this elsewhere on the web? (Please include a URL)

  3. How high of a priority is this for you?

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Bear in mind though, that a Group is in fact a DIV and not a vector


OK. I hadn't thought of that. It is clearly another concept and cannot be deformed, it can only be square/rectangular or with rounded corners (to the point of making a circle).
Thank you very much @MarkHunte for the clarification. I have a graphic designer's mind and it's still a little difficult for me to think with these conceptual changes.

Never so few words gave so much light :bulb:

I think this is a good request.


We would be able to place, positionand size a background image inside a Vector.
At the moment we can add an image but not (through the GUI) position and size the image in a way that we can easily use the Vector as a Mask.

I do not know or have forgotton why this would not be an easy thing to setup in Hype's UI..
And I am sure we have asked for it before.

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Thank you @MarkHunte

Yes, I think the theme of vector masks is one of the most demanded because it really allows a very high design versatility.

I think Hype's team is well aware of that. I hope they can implement it soon.

@MaxZieb Had an approach in this ... Including hypepreview If i remember it right


I found it! Thank you very much @h_classen

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Thanks fore the request! The vector shape feature of v4 is on the path (pun intended) for us to building clipping like this :slight_smile:.


With each discovery I make of Hype's possibilities, I fall more in love with it (And I still don't know how to program :sweat_smile:)