Master/slave relationship in animation/timelines

(Tom) #1

Hi, I am new to Hype 3 Pro and just checking out, how advanced the animation features are…
I would love to find a way to animate an object, WHILE it is animated in an other timeline. For example: I want a picture of a person (without legs) to move from A to B. In the same time I want to animate the walk/leg movement on a different timeline, while they off course follow the body. Is this possible in Hype3 Pro? And how would I do that?
Can I define a “parent” for an animation? And if so- how many different children can I define?
Any help is more than appreciated ;O)

(stephen) #2

Hype allows you to play multiple timelines at the same time. As long as you don’t animate the same property at the same time on both timelines everything just works.

You can use a group or a symbol to create a parent element. For you example I would try out symbols.

(Tom) #3

Hi Stephen, thanks for your response! I am really sorry, somehow I haven’t really got it yet… Lets say: I want to create a box on legs and make these legs “walk”.
I have no problems animating a box moving from position A to position B on the main timeline. I can also group a second box to it and animate the group…
But it seems, I have to start on the other side for this: first animate the “leg”, then group it with the “body”, then animate the “body”. If I want to add a “lower leg”: Do I have to do it all over again?

If I continue like this, it does not really get advanced, if I want to edit my movement later…
How do I group objects with their own timeline/behaviour?
And how does that hierarchy work with different timelines.
How do I define a “parent”? And can I define a precise point as referencepoint of that parent, around which my leg rotates?
Best regards, Tom

(stephen) #4

I apologize for the very rudimentary example, but I think it demonstrates the technique.


(kerguelen) #5

Which version of Hype are you using Stephen ? It doesn’t open in Hype 466

(Tom) #6

Same problem here. But Hype 466 seems to be the latest public update…

(stephen) #7

Whoops, sorry about that. I was on the development version. This one should work: (11.0 KB)

Layers And Multi-Animations
(stephen) #8

The body and legs are part of the same group. The Run timeline does two things:

  1. Moves the entire group (body and legs)
  2. Kicks of the leg movement animation using a timeline action