Looping elements

maybe this question already exists, but somehow I did not find it. I made a banner (see attachment) and there is a rotating backpack. It is created using 18 images in each phase. And I would need to repeat this rotation several times, as is the result of the long animation of the banner. And I did not find this. I had to do it manually, which was very frustrating. With Hype I’m starting, so maybe I was wrong looking, but I really tried everything. :slight_smile: But you will tell me I have not tried everything and that there is a simple solution to my problem. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for any advice.

cistytriko-html5banner-862x422-kuryr.hype.zip (679.2 KB)

The easiest way is that you could have made an alternate timeline and that runs simultaneously to the main timeline. This would have a timeline action to restart itself. It could be kicked off by an On Scene Load event.

A similar method is that you could have encapsulated the backpack and its animation in a Symbol, which has its own timelines.

@h_classen also made a javascript library that can make working with Image Sequences easier.

We’re also planning to improve image sequence workflows in the next version :).