Loading external from xml fileproblem

still havent had anyone help with this problem yet.
Is it possible
I need to load a xml file that shows a product name , an image , a price, and a click url, is this possible.
Please help as this is driving me mad.

It is possible. If you’re looking for someone to hire for help with a Tumult Hype project, here’s a great place to start: Hiring Tumult Hype Freelancers

Here’s an example of what that code looks like: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20944156/using-javascript-to-display-xml-data-in-html

This is not something made harder or easier using Hype, it’s just a difficult and time consuming bit of programming that people are not likely to do for you unless you show some example or some indication that you are stuck on a single aspect of this problem (or if you formally hire someone to handle it all).


As @Daniel as said :

To be honest you have not even supplied an example of the xml file you would be using so no one even if they wanted to help you more directly can. It’s always best to provide all the info and resources that possibly allows and encourages us to help.

I do think that for what you are after probably should be done by someone hired who knows what they are doing. This should save you a lot of time for yourself and your client. I say this because this would probably be a steep learning curve for you and if we do try and walk you through it and go beyond the examples Daniel has already posted it would most likely drag out well beyond the time we could spend on it.