Load a .dae file inside a container

I want to load a 3D file (.dae) inside a container. Any help someone? for some reason I cannot post my code

If you do a search on the forums for dae you will find some help with this.


Couple of examples

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Great book MarkHunte. However, it would be very helpful to explain me or show me if it's possible how to use my own 3D model.

It may make sense to address this question on which ever thread you are referring to!

If you'd like to embed a 3d model but don't want to dig into the HTML + code to do this using an external 3d library like @MarkHunte shared or the guide I wrote, you may want to use a service like https://www.vectary.com/ or How to Embed 3D Models on my Website? | Embed your First 3D Model