Linking a specific point of a scene from a different scene

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It’s possible to have an anchor point in a scene and linking it from a button in an other scene?
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The simplest way is to use Custom behaviours.

Create a new Custom behaviour:

Jump to Scene.

Put your scene details in

Go to Url.
Put your anchor in the url field.


Have your button trigger the CB when it is clicked.


Thank you

Good morning

It’s possible to have the same link from outside the document? For example to have a link to a specific document ( and to a specific anchor point. I’ve tried but it seems not working

Thank you.

My guess would be that the div with the anchor hasn’t been created yet - when the page load Hype does a lot to initially setup the page. You would probably want to have an On Scene Load action that runs some javascript to look at the window.location.hash property and then go to that URL.

This topic talks about linking a specific scene using anchors and may be useful: