Json exports for Lottie

I just discovered Lottie while looking at a SwiftUI tutorial,

I remembered that in a post @Jonathan you mention

in this thread

After following the simple setup in the YouTube vid above.

I must admit if we could export Animations from hype as compatible .json for Lottie then wow.

Can we have this as an official request

( https://github.com/airbnb/lottie-ios )


Thanks for the request!


+1 for this request. Webflow just announced they will integrate lottie files for interactions and it would be great to use Hype for creating the assets.


Lottie export for Hype. O-MY-GOOD. Need it now, together with Webflow…


+1 for Webflow too. Now Webflow is fully supporting Lottie, this would be a FANTASTIC addition to Hype’s export. I’d poop my pants with happiness.

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Just use BodyMovin and your good to go.

Lol. I actually read that as pop the first time round.


Well, Bodymovin and Lottie are for animation only. The are specialized and based around the expression engine from After Effects. Don’t want to burst this bubble but I am not seeing any deep overlap with Hype. This would mean a complete exporter rewrite with a limited subset of features. I am very doubtful that will happen anytime soon… therefor:

Just use BodyMovin (free plugin for After Effects) to export After Effects compositions as Lottie animations (formerly also called BodyMovin). And your good to go… That’s what it’s meant for.

Thanks, had no clue to what your were refering to in regards to BodyMovin.

Not evryone has this…

I am sure Hype already uses json in the export at some point so my thinking is it may not be too much of a stretch… You may be right though but there is no harm asking.


Sorry, what I meant is I don’t have After Effects and was hoping to use Hype instead. As I understand it (and I really have no idea what I’m talking about here) Hype already exports some kind of JSON as part of the exported code (told you I have no idea what I’m on about). I was hoping for a simple export option that I could then import into Lottie.

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I don’t have experience with these applications, but I’ve read that SVGator, Keyshape, and Haiku can all export lottie file. If you are creating animations for interactions, After Effects seems like overkill. It would be nice to use Hype for this.

As detailed above… It is pretty much tied to the expression engine. As long as you support that in your exports you can in theory create Lottie files. But about your examples I can’t find any references that SVGator actually does, would be interesting if they did. Keyshape has a plugin on Github (possible for the SVG subset) and Haiku is pretty similar to Lottie. Not saying that it’s impossible, but you’d have to get creative for many HTML and JS portions in Hype (hence subset, approximation) given that Lottie renders to HTML, SVG and CANVAS.

Hope this helps.

It is true that the Hype app’s animation interface is built upon the capabilities of the Hype javascript runtime, and therefore exporting with a different format could be lossy, even if using a subset of features.

However, Lottie is a really popular request and is definitely a feature we are not nixing!

There are other lossy export formats we already have (gif, video) and other potential ones like a pure CSS Animation export that could be really useful too.