Issues with Hype reflect

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone else is having issues with Hype Reflect? I’m running Hype 3.5.3 professional edition.
Hype can’t seem to find my phone (iphone6) or ipad.

Sorry to hear Hype Reflect is not working for you. Can you please follow the steps found in the troubleshooting page here:

Let me know if that resolves your issue.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick reply, I went through the previous threads on this subject and visited the link you posted and followed all the instructions, I don’t have any additional firewall software and I’ve made sure everything else on the list is in order, but I still can’t get it working like it used to. I kind of got a ad-hock setup between my computer and iPad to work in 5min bursts, but its very jumpy and disconnects regularly. My only other comment would be that I was given a beta version of Hype to work with by Jonathan a month or 2 ago back when I was working with v2, it improved animation fluidity but I’ve not been able to use hype reflect since, I figured that when I updated to v3 that it would sort itself out but I’m having the same issues. Do you think this is relevant?

That shouldn’t make a difference as long as you’re running the latest public version.

This typically happens when communication between devices is somehow blocked at the router level – in some offices and large network environments this is usually the case. If you have a home router, I recommend looking into ensuring that there are no local firewalls in place on that router’s admin panel.

For a bit more background we use a really low level ‘bonjour’-based discovery system to see available devices, and then we use a random open port on the Mac to serve the Hype document. If you preview straight from Hype, you’re also running a server. Previewing on your Mac opens a browser with an URL like this: is your local address (this can be replaced with localhost, but if you instead replace this with your LAN IP address assigned by your router, any device on your network can load the page hosted from your server as well. You can get your LAN IP address by looking at your Network Preferences:

You would get a number like You could replace that number and load the following URL on your iPhone:

So if the URL you construct does not work, that means that either some sort of restriction on your mac is enabled or your router is blocking this type of connection.

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