Issue copy and pasting SVG from Illustrator 2015.3


I want to copy and paste vectors into Hype from Illustrator.
It used to work and now it won’t.
Whatever vector I try to copy it gives and “empty” square shape.
I dont understand why,
Anyone can help?
Thank you so much!

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You can use the SVG. it works

Hi, save the archive in the format .SVG thats all. Import it to Hype and you wont have any resolution problems when zooming in or zooming out

I am experiencing the same thing, I use to be able to copy and paste directly from illustrator, I have tried saving as an svg and reopening in illustrator to copy and paste but I still get the empty square shape.

How can I copy and paste from illustrator again?

probably you should avoid the AI format
hype can read HTML through the “inner html” and the SWG code is readable.

in this template all shapes are made in AI->SVG ( code in innerhtml)

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thanks for the tip, strange coincidence was looking at this vivus.js earlier actually, amazing resource.

  • back to my original question - has this feature been removed from hype/become incompatible ?


AI allow you to export directly to SVG, this is not enough?
file.AI is a proprietary format and it was made by macromedia/Adobe and is not compatible with HTML5, the SVG is a standard for vector images on the web, thats all :slight_smile:

When you copy from illustrator it pastes into Hype as an SVG file, it is an essential feature especially for visual designers.

  • this thread is deviating from Annabelle’s original question, is anyone else experiencing this problem/ found a solution, im guessing its something to do with an illustrator update making the copy paste feature incompatible.

I’m a designer and I use also CorelDraw / Autocad (PC) and Sketch (In addition to AI) , in both cases svg is a final working file. For me is fine :slight_smile:

In Illustrator, go to Preferences > File Handling & Clipboard and in the Clipboard section, enable (check) “On Copy: Include SVG Code”. Select your vector(s) in Illustrator then in Hype, paste. As noted, this will create a blank rectangle. Click the rectangle then the edit Inner HTML button (or, from the File menu, select “Edit Element’s Inner HTML”) and in the resulting popup, paste again. This should paste the SVG vector code from Illustrator without needing to export the Illustrator document as an SVG. A caveat to this is that if your vector in Illustrator isn’t at the 0,0 offset, then it will be offset in the Hype rectangle and may not be fully visible.

I had never tried this before and not sure where the change was made. Perhaps Tumult can comment.

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@jn8 - your description works… just go straight to the innerHTML & paste.

honestly, I’ve never tried before and use AI for a long time! :fearful:

One of Hype 3.5’s features was to accept pasting from Adobe Illustrator as an SVG.

It looks like the latest update Illustrator update (2015.3) broke this feature; I can see the SVG code they are putting on the pasteboard is very different than before. I’ll need to investigate further to figure out how (or even if it is possible) to workaround these changes.

@LEO.JOSEPH @Anabelle maybe a new ticket in the Adobe forum would be useful, with a comparison between the SVG file and the clipboard code.

I took a further look; it appears that Illustrator is outputting invalid XML (there’s a null character at the end). I reported this via adobe’s bug tracker, but forum posts to them would also be good :smile:.

Since this is an easy error to workaround, I’ve made a fix that will be available for the next version of Hype. Until then, you’ll need to export as an SVG and insert into Hype instead of copy/pasting.

Hi Jonathan!

I’m using “Illustrator 2015.3.0” and the copy paste worked for me. This is the most recent update - at least according to my Creative Cloud account.

Ah, it would work when you copy into the inner HTML (but not directly to the scene), as the null character comes after the svg close tag. This is another workaround.

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Thanks for posting that! I’m hitting some issue where if I’m logged in I can’t post to add more details but I’ll try later. At least hopefully this other area will help get adobe’s attention.