Is there a layout stacking order?

I created the desktop version and then the ipad and lastly the iphone. It defaulted in desktop viewing to the ipad and so I deleted it, and then it defaulted to the iphone on the desktop and so I it as well. Both the ipad and the iphone were being viewed on my desktop with the browser stretched to full screen. Is there a way to make sure the desktop version is shown on desktop and the ipad on ipad and iphone on iphone? Is there a stacking order to the layouts?

hm so you initially had a document containing three layouts and the breakpoints set within hype did not work?

what are the breakpoints you’ve tried¿ is there any other custom js or css that could lead in this missmatch?


if you want to serve special layouts related to devices and not breakpoints you can use hypes layoutrequest-event to handle it. example: Responsive Issue

Hans, thank you for your reply. I built the Desktop version first and then added a iphone version and then an ipad version (default sizes in Hype). Then when I published the .OAM the ipad version replaced the desktop version and I could not figure out why. So I deleted the ipad layout and that left me with the 1200 desktop and iphone layout. When I loaded it to my website all it was showing was the iphone layout. I then deleted the iphone layout and not I am back with only the desktop version.

as always: a samplehypefile in conjunction with a link where it is embedded (sounds like you used the hype-wordpressplugin) would be necessary to give any advise :slight_smile:

Yes. Is that an issue with the plugin and is there a better solution? I am using the embed code instead of the shortcode.

I tried to upload the .oam but it won’t accept the file extension.

It will be okay if you zip it first. (909.1 KB)

For our reference, can you also provide the URL where this is displayed and behaving incorrectly? Thanks!

I deleted the other two layouts and will try to add layouts again. I am wondering if there is some basic layout radio button I pushed or did not push that made the layouts not work. You or someone in the forums mentioned the wordless plugin could be the problem?

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