Is it possible to embed an external js-library when embedding on a Wordpress Site?


I have used the tips from DBear in this tread:How to put a 3d animation or 360 spin of an image on hype?
to make a file to spin a molecule. It works fine but I can’t get it to work if I place it on a Wordpress site and the client can’t get it to work on there platform either.

Can it be the external library that causes it to not load?

If so, is there a way to imbed it in the hype-file?

Im not a programer but I searched it but with no luck.


Ok I think I solved it.
I just downloaded the code and imported it to the document and now it works on the clients site.
In Wordpress this didn’t solve it but when i changed the container to iframe it worked!

Yup, when embedding as a ‘div’ you lose any JS libraries referenced in the <head> area so switching the embed method to iframe is the way to go. Are you using the Wordpress Plugin?

Yes i use the plugin and it works fine. As long as I don’t set it to scale in both directions.
And when I embedded the JavaScript it also worked fine on the clients platform.