iPad Version of Hype Pro


An iPad version of Hype Pro…where my projects are synced using iCloud. :+1:

To be useful it could have core animation/timeline features but for me must have javascripting abilities…

Just my wishlist

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Thanks for the feedback! We’ve often contemplated and experimented with an iPad version, but I don’t think it would ultimately be a good experience. Perhaps the rumored “iPad Pro” may change that :).


I like Pixelmator and iDraw on the Mac. Both have iPad versions. (I have Pixelmator on the iPad too.) Surprisingly, Pixelmator just went to the iPhone too. Recently, I was thinking about doing web development on an iPad. The iPad Air 2 is powerful, but I find I’m not very productive with it.

I think the problem is the typing. It would be annoying to write JavaScript on an iPad. Even using this forum on an iPad is rough. I like to use the split keyboard, but then I can’t see what I’m typing.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

I’m really surprised Apple hasn’t better addressed text editing and entry on the iPad. The other part of it is when using Hype, you’re using assets from a variety of different programs. While some tools (Pixelmator/iDraw) as you note may exist, getting them into Hype isn’t easy and a lot of the tools you’d use to create assets are on the Mac anyway.


I’m sure ios 9 will address ALL our concerns…just like Apple quickly addressed the need to attach multiple files to emails…oh wait!

(Nick ) #6

You think that is rough try using Codea, http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/
great concept… but the iPad is just a horrible type input device.
Codea offers great touch interface inputs but when you have to type then the iPad shows it’s issues.
Maybe when the larger 13" iPad comes out it will be better?…I still like my macbook Pro.

(Greg) #7

Has anyone tried Apple’s wireless (bluetooth) keyboards with an iPad? I just recently got my iPad Air about a month ago and have not tried it myself. I do have one of their wireless keyboards and a Mobee charger for it in a drawer somewhere, I couldn’t get used to not having the numeric keypad on the keyboard. I’ll dust it off and give it a whirl this weekend and let you all know how it works out.

EDIT: 1 hour later - I got it out and finally got it to pair with iPad (it took several attempts) - it seems to work OK.


I only use my Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad and it works great.

(Greg) #9

Typeeto is on sale for $1.99 (normally $9.99 usd). I bought it and it works quite well - I can now use my iMac’s wired keyboard to type on my iPad.




I wasn’t too far off. It does address the issue of running two applications at once, at least on a modern iPad Air 2.

(René) #11

Well, the iPad Pro is (almost) here… I’m going to buy one and would love to test Hype on it :wink:

(Jay Ducharme) #12

It might be a good time for Tumult to revisit this idea. The new 10.5" iPad Pro has more than enough horsepower and storage to handle nearly anything. And iOS 11 – with Files, true drag-and-drop and improved multitasking – would finally make multimedia design practical on that device. There’s now also a full version of Affinity Photo for iPad, which rivals Photoshop in its abilities. I can now effectively do desktop publishing, image editing, audio production and video production on the iPad. The only currently missing piece is multimedia design. When that piece falls into place, I’ll have little need for a desktop computer.

(Freelancer) #13

of course it would be great.
However, how many users will spend more than 1000usd for the ipadpro? ( +100 for the applepencil) if this percentage is near to the 80% of Hype users I agree with you.

Two years of development for Affinity Photo (Ipad) and also this software is born for Ipad Pro ( from ipad air2 to pro), only 30% of ipads in the world.
Another example, Affinity Designer (iPad), over two years of development and the beta isn’t avaialble yet.

Moreover, there is a bigger business for HypeTeam over Windows, mobile and desktops are the same enviroment.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #14

I think it will be interesting to see how Affinity Photo fares in the market. fwiw, I did order a 10.5" iPad Pro (for testing and Hype Reflect updates, of course!) so we’ll see how I like using it.

(Fotis Kalafatis) #15

couldn’t agree with you more @jonathan! I’d also like to see, how AD for iPad pro fares in the market.

I would add that photo manipulation is a more natural fit to a portable and touch device than anything else is: Many photographers (amature and pro alike - with cameras in our phones, everybody qualifies as a photography software consumer) would want to properly retouch/manipulate the images that they just shot while on the go. In other words it’s a workflow that starts on the field; why not also end it there? Why ever nail it down to your workstation if you don’t have to? Coding/animating/design is very different. It starts in the room (multiple rooms probably since you have to create the assets, and test it in various browsers too), so making it portable would only be a minor convenience.

Plus, that the touch interface lends itself very well to the kind of a workflow where you rarely need to type anything…

Not that I wouldn’t want to see iPad Pro become a pro device, but for now it seems to me that only graphics folk (who otherwise would have to buy an even pricier and cumbersome wacom cintiq) could consider specifically the iPad Pro as a tool of the trade. For the rest, an ultraportable laptop running windows or macOS is probably a better fit.

(Freelancer) #16

@F_Kal I agree 100%, well said!


If making Hype cross platform is the goal, it’s looking like a Windows / Linux version of Hype would be a better focus for Tumult’s development.

While it had a great start, and it hit the #1 spot for the photo / video category, The overall ranking dropped quickly. That’s a surprise for an app that was featured in the WWDC keynote. Here are some issues that I noticed…

  1. It’s iPad only, that dramatically limits sales. Pixelmator, a universal binary photo editing app, doesn’t have that limitation.
  2. Even the iPad specs are pretty high. The first line in the descriptio says iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad 2017.
  3. Is it necessary? I haven’t really used Pixelmator on my phone. I bought it because I like Pixelmator on my desktop.

If the iPad was a true replacement for a desktop / laptop computer, I’d save a lot of money. I’ve been waiting for a new Mac Mini, so it would be nice if a $275 iPad Air 2 could replace more expensive hardware – but it doesn’t!

I imagine myself working on the iPad, but it just doesn’t feel natural that way. Sure, The processing power of the iPad is strong. My iPad Air 2 is competitive with my 2009 Mac Mini. Yet, I get more work done with a traditional mouse, keyboard, external monitor and an eight year old computer.

It’s like, I want to be productive. But when I grab my iPad, I naturally drift into time-wasting activities, like browsing r/the_donald, playing War Pinball or looking at properties on Zillow.

So, an iOS version of Hype would face similar problems to Affinity Photo on iPad. Would an iOS version of Hype work on the iPhone? There’s barely enough space on my desktop monitor. It doesn’t seem likely that I’d be comfortably writing JavaScript code with only my thumb. If it’s iPad only, that hurts sales. But again, would I use my thumbs to write JavaScript code on the iPad? I don’t even like using the iPad for writing simple stuff, like chatting on Slack, updating my website or posting to this forum.

Have you seen the update to the iWork apps?! That’s amazing. Pages now has linked text boxes. That’s near Quark XPress / InDesign levels of desktop publishing. Do I see myself writing a Hype 4 book on the iPad? Even if I was trapped on an island (which I suppose is kinda true) and my only way to escape was to write the Hype 4 book on an iPad, I don’t think I could do it. Seems foolish… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrR3xHnrMNc …I’d probably end up like that guy at the end of the commercial.

(sa1) #18

As you can now code, manage your database, connect to your servers from an iPad and as I travel a lot I’m considering using an iPad when I’m out rather than a macbook which is heavier and more fragile. then I must admit it would be great if I could use Hype on my iPad to create quick animations on the go to illustrate a blog article or doing adjustments in my hype projects.

(Ken Heins) #19

As time goes by, my iPad sits on the shelf for longer and longer periods of time.

For a mobile need, I go to my MacBook, but when I am finding that I need more and more horsepower from whatever device, I only use my MacBook just to look at a Hype document, almost never for more than a few small edits. Can’t see where a touch device of any kind gives any benefit.

In a meeting two days ago, I was watching a Windows laptop user using touch screen, but in two hours, the only actual use was to scroll the screen. Nothing else.

(sa1) #20

My purpose wasn’t about the opportunity of a touch screen for using hype but most about ultra mobility. iPads now have enough horse-power to replace a MacBook in numerous situations and are far more portable, have a better battery life. They are easier to use in the tiny space of the plane or even at the airport, on the field… They allow you to travel with smaller bagage, you don’t need an aditionnal charger (use the one of your iPhone) … of course if you don’t live and work this way it may be useless. But if you do, considering ditching your MacBook for an iPad isn’t a so bad idea … assuming that all the apps you use are available on iPad !