Interactive timeline for all hospitals in Amsterdam

We’ve made a interactive timeline for all hospitals in Amsterdam:
Warning: dutch language only :wink:

It’s already online for a few months now, but I’ve been extremely busy with my other day-job: sounddesign for tv-series and also bought a new house which I need to renovate completely. But now the year is almost over and I finished almost every project. Maybe I’ll have dozens of spare time so back into experimenting and building things with Hype again! Hello again!


cool :slight_smile:

Netjes. :wink:

cool! A complex project that is easy to navigate.
the game of the letters of the titles is fantastic, very nice René!

Great job, René, and Dutch is netjes!

I have noticed that you’ve disabled ‘Allow text selection’ on all instances of body text?
Did you do it manually on every text box by unchecking ‘Allow text selection’?


If yes, I think it is too laborious for projects with lots of text and I was struggling with this myself, looking for a global setting to turn off text selection for ALL text:

That’s right, I’ve disabled ‘Allow text selection’ on all instances, This is because the client installed this on a big touchscreen.
First thing I did, was putting up a complete wireframe on how to build this. Once I made one page, I duplicated this for every ‘year’. So there was no labour work in setting up every page. Although I would like to have a global setting for this.


This definitely gives me ideas for a customer project!

Awesome work and thanks for sharing. When I move along the timeline, the placeholder is also moving from one date to the other. But then, when I jump around the dates the placeholder is also following me. That’s really cool. I wonder how you achieved that.

Looking forward to a reply.


You mean the brown arrow that’s on the left side of the year?
That’s al done with javascript, math and the top with setElementProperty.