Interactive magazine fails (only a little)

Hallo, Hype magicians. Here is the retired magazine maker again. The ‘work’ is going on excellent, but as usual I got a new -now very smal- issue. This is my magazine until now:

I would like to make it stil better, so if you touch an item in the index at page 3, you go directly to the touched page. It works, but mostly the magazine is disturbed if you are at the page you wanted. In that case you can’t go back to the page before or to the next page.

Not a big issue, but if anyone could give me a solution I would still be more happy than I am now.

Greeting from Holland!
Jan (ckafe)

The easiest way may be to have a persistent table of contents button on all pages.

Other than that, if you want to implement using the browser’s back/forward button you’d either need code to change the anchor tag (similar to the advice in this topic) or to use the javascript pushstate API. I glanced at the turn.js documentation and didn’t see any methods it provides to do this for you, so it’d need to be custom code.

Jonathan, thanks a lot for your efforts. I skipped the possibility of going to different pages from the index. It’s too difficult for me and I’m satisfied the way my magazine looks now. It’s almost ready!

Thanks again!

Jan (ckafe)

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Meanwhile the magazine has been distributed to the members and the (70+) readers liked it. The name of it has been changed to
I’m specially proud about page 16 - 20 because fore this part of the magazine I made little boxes in with you can read small memories of some members. Some with music in it. Unfortunately this item is rather heavy and page loading takes a lot of time. I’m very happy with all help the forum members gave me. Thank you!

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