Interactive control for a video

Hello all,
I have a new project with an interactive video (animation).
I put the video on my timeline and when I scroll over the timeline, the video scrolls too.
That's fine. And it looks like it's easy to play with interactive buttons.
Now I put some buttons on my stage, for example: start, play at, play backward.
I'm working with anchors on my timeline: Pause Timeline,. And so on.
Unfortunately the test does not run in my browser.
Can't I control the video that way at all? On the timeline it seemed so simple. The video (animation) is set up to have sequential sequences that I would like to control by button. Can I solve this only via Java script or is there another way?


Syncing a video and Hype timeline is a topic often discussed on the forum. As both have their timeline controller… you would have to think about what drives what…

As a video is decoded mostly progressive, you would want the video to drive the Hype timeline, but that might skip action frames if you are using them.

If your goal is to play videos backwards than your out of luck as this is a major bottleneck and comes at a high CPU and buffer rate. Even Apple site uses prepared videos files that are split into a bunch of single frames and fetched individually when you see videos that change on scroll.

I had an idea with a time code jump to emulate a video playing backwards, by only having it play forward by attaching the video in reverse to the end. The example is also on the forum.

There is also an example to sync a Vimeo video…

For more search the forum…

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