Insert button inside a draggable group of element

(Nirmala Legay) #1

Hello everyone !
For my latest project, I have a group draggable from left to right. ( rectangle with ellipse at the bottom) drag function is ok, but I need to place action inside the group. I mean, I created a button just for going to scene 3, which I put inside the group, and it doesn’t work. Is it impossible to insert a button inside the draggable group? Does I need to manage with javascript ?
Here is the file, keep in mind it’s in progess, and don’t mind the others javascript. My problem is on drag group.
Thank you everyone ! (217.0 KB)

(Mark Hunte) #2

It works ???

(Nirmala Legay) #3

ok, it doesn’t not work with the preview in google chrome. what does it mean? do you have any solution?

(Mark Hunte) #4

This seems to be an oddity with Chrome and the jQuery Drag API you are using.

If you use Hypes Drag Actions along with a timeline animation all works as expected . (249.7 KB)

(Nirmala Legay) #5

Thank you so much ! I am first level with Hype, and at every project I want to improve my technique learning something new. And you did learn me something very interesting ! I never tried action on slide. In fact doesn’t need drag code ! :grinning:
I will definitely test another project with this tips.
Thanks !