Inline Javascript and CSS Export?

I am wondering if there is a way to do Inline CSS and Javascript export. I would like all of the html, css, and javascript to be exported to one .html file.

If it is not an option, is there any hope of it being added?

If there is no hope, does anyone have any workflows for doing this?

Also, since email clients don’t support Javascript, just inline CSS would be fine, although Hype uses javascript.

You can in-line everything except for the JavaScript runtime by checking that box in the advanced export panel:

Unfortunately the only way to get a Hype document working inside of an email is using an animated gif. Emails also don’t support new CSS animation features unfortunately.

Very helpful. Thanks Daniel.

Just playing with advanced export and noticed it does not inline images or iFrames into the html - is this normal ?
Do you think we could expect at some point in the future an option for a ‘full inline’ into one single .html file (à la inliner) ?