Indicating Opening ~ Closing brackets

Playing around with Whisk and I was wondering if there is the capability to click on an opening (or closing) bracket~tag and find its mate.

e.g. Clicking on an opening div tag and its closing tag is highlighted (as in Dreamweaver).

Checked the Documentation and the Whisk Forum but came up empty - did I miss it or is this not a feature (yet)?

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Yes I’m looking for this feature too.
Also, does anyone know how to keep the preview of the site up and running when editing a .css document?

I’ve been using Brackets for all website work but prefer the fact that with Whisk the preview is embedded in the window.
However, until div tags are highlighted, all tags are collapsable with dropdown arrows, and the preview is still visible when viewing a document other than a .html, I’ll have to stick with Brackets.

There are not currently ways to do this, but they common in other editors are great feature requests!


If you could implement them it would be great. You’ve done a stunning job on the application so far and I’ll buy it to support further development