Importing vectors / working with other software


I’m wondering if I can import vectors into Hype, with layers preserved.

Also, I’m wondering if Hype can let me edit the vector I just imported. For example, maybe I decide I want to change the color of the shirt my vector character is wearing.

I’ve tried Insert --> image… and tried inserting a .svg file, but while the file does indeed load, it seems the layers aren’t preserved, everything is seemingly flattened to be a single object, I can’t ungroup things, I can’t split apart the image, the image is bound to its canvas from the original .svg file, I can’t edit/select specific parts of it.

Any help and tips would be appreciated!


I recommend taking a look at the:
Using other apps to edit resources
in the tutorials section at:
All the best!

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Did that help?
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Thanks for your help. It did somewhat help, but I don’t think Hype can work out for me, since it just really isn’t equipped to handle svg/vector files very well.

Looking forward to re-visiting this when the next version is released!

Thanks again

Hype can’t currently import layered formats or parse vectors to work with its own vector shapes. But this is pretty much the #1 request at the moment :slight_smile:.


Can I make a silhouette in Illustrator and modify its vectors from hype?
Should I export it as .SVG and edit it from Illustrator?

Thanks again for your valuable advice.

This is a limitation of Hype. If you want to have a vector shape, which can be animated/edited in Hype, then it should be created in Hype — with Hype's vector editing tools.

It's related to what @jonathan wrote previously...


We're still waiting. :smile:

Thank you very much for your reply

:thinking: I’m sure this feature will create a lot of HYPE. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


We're still waiting. :smile:

in all works I have done with hype I have manually re-traced the original shapes in SVG (where I need to add animation). I've never had any problems, it also depends on the skill in using the tools and I'm quite fast :slight_smile:
Of course, every new option in hype is welcome but in the meantime I work anyway.

love hype, my two cents :smile:


There are two projects on Gumroad:

  • Export To Hype (Photoshop Edition)1
  • Export To Hype (Illustrator Edition) 2

2 This is a **beta-version** and Feedback is welcome. Inline images are not rendered on purpose.

max! this is so cool!!

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