Importing layered PSDs, AIs, SVGs, Sketch


(Bill T) #21

Oh that is awesome news!

About manual processing Sketch to Hype - all depends on the complexity of your file. Basically you need to rebuild and reposition anything that you want to animate. At least 20 / 30 minutes for me on icons like these -

(Jonathan Deutsch) #22

This is definitely something we agree would improve workflows with Hype!


Yes, it depends on the file complexity like jomtones said. The sketch export functionality allow you to quickly export any element of your sketch file as SVG. But you still need to reposition the imported SVG file and of course recreate and reposition every single text layer from scratch in Hype.

(Ken Heins) #24

Great , but speaking as a strong user of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop since 1992, and as one who abandoned both about 10 years ago due to the fact that they both became Rube Goldberg apps that tried to incorporate every possible feature known to man, I would hate to see Hype get too complex trying to accomodate the features of multiple apps AND all of the adword services (what are there 100 of them out there?

Let them develop the plug ins or “kludges” to make their stuff compatible with Hype!

I have been around long enough to see lots of software companies tie themselves into knots trying to make themselves compatible with everyone else.

Hype is too important to let that happen and it could, the tipping point could be reached very quickly.

Just my opinion.

(Cam) #25

I’m also an interaction designer. Not sure where the status of this is? It’s 2018…

I just wanted to add how important this integration would be. For me, a way to import Sketch and maintain the layout and layers would be awesome and save so much time! I love using Hype and mostly use it for prototyping and sometimes authoring production ready elements.

Even Sketch can do animations now and InVision Studio is promising. There are a bunch of other prototyping design tools starting to integrate animation. The thing that no one has seemed to pull off yet is that designer to developer handoff. It’s getting better but man, Hype could bridge that gap.

Personally, no one (so far) handles animation like Hype does plus the ability to export to html5, edit CSS and Javascript into something more than a throwaway prototype.
If you were to incorporate modern design tools like Sketch—I’m telling you, you’d solve an important problem and make many designers and developers extremely happy.

(Freelancer) #26

Which software similar to hype importing Sketch files natively?
have you tested Affinity designer?
With AD you can make also several other things, not only UI prototipe or WEB elements.

(Ken Heins) #27

I suppose it would be nice to do import layers as a group, but what effort really is saved? In your image software, you need to create the layers, working with them individually, and then when imported into Hype, you still would need to assign the appropriate timelines and any other actions to each layer, so I am not sure what the need would be?

(Cam) #28

I have tested Affinity Designer. It’s a great tool. To answer your question. has the ability to import Sketch files natively and do live updates. For example, when you change a color in Sketch, it will update it in your scene. Also, with InVision Studio, you can copy and paste your artboards from Sketch and it will maintain layout. (Sorry for the very late response, I’ve been busy…)

(Cam) #29

It has more to do with maintaining layout from your design tool. The main benefit is that it saves time—tons of time. For example, If I’m building a prototype in Sketch with lots of elements, I want to maintain the position and layout of those elements. Right now, I have to export each element/layer as an asset then import them into Hype. I lose the layout. I’m doing double the work because I have to reposition all the elements/layers. Hopefully, that answers your question.


In terms of more productive and effective work, Hype has IMHO still to develop some of repetitive tasks’ automation. Right now, the workflow feels more suitable for a one-off job, it is not possible to create actions (a la photoshop) for repetitive tasks or e.g. copypaste of js-functions from one doc’s Resources to another doc doesn’t work.