Importing layered PSDs, AIs, SVGs, Sketch


(Andy Birchwood) #1

Ability to import layered files with canvas size & position data intact.

This is possible Flash and After Effects and cuts down the workflow considerably if you prefer to create artwork in those applications before animating.

(Andy Birchwood) #2

Forgot to mention, I’m aware of Tom Byrnes layers-to-SVG exporter script for Illustrator. Recommended for all you Illustrator users!

(stephen) #3

Thanks for the suggestion! We will look into this for a future version.


Here’s our guide to getting vector data (layers) from Sketch into Hype.

(Bill T) #5

The Sketch guide is interesting but native import of layers would save a ton of time mucking about rebuilding things!

(Bill T) #6

Gah. So I’m doing this again, laboriously slicing and export elements, only to have to import them and rebuild the designs in Hype for animation. Takes forever! And it’s such a duplication of effort.

Really, I think you guys could clean up if you included decent Sketch file support. It’s the golden ticket. The old flow:

PSD > Flash - animate. Done!

I’m currently having to do:

Sketch …
select every layer I need to animate as an independent slice …
export all slices.
Drop in main version slice to Hype as a guide.
Add all slices back in to rebuild design.
Finally … animate.

If I could go:

Sketch > Hype - animate

I would be a very happy man. Rebuilding icons like this for complex animations is a total waste of time.


OMG a Sketch plugin would be amazing! Soo much time would be saved!!!

(Bill T) #8

Tell me about it. I know Marvel and Invision have both recently implemented this so it can’t be too hard. Any comment from Tumult?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #9

We hear you :smile:. It is not a trivial addition though.

(Bill T) #10

Seriously man - killer feature. If you could pull it off I think you’d be a lot closer to owning this space.

(Philippe Côté) #11

I totally agree this would be a killer feature. It currently takes about about a day to configure a very complex Sketch mockup to be ready to animate in Hype. One full day of work per mockup that could be saved if you guys implemented such a feature.



Hi, has this feature been included yet in the latest version?


Any luck with this?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #14

This feature does not yet exist in the released version of Hype (v3.5.3 as of this note), but we’re aware of how killer it would be.

(Thierry C.) #15

Are we talking about something that have been asked more than one year ago ?
A client asked for a logo to be animated. Once the logo done, I launched Hype proudly… Then said what ? No Layered PSD import. There must be a trick…
That’s why I’m on this topic now…


(Jonathan Deutsch) #16

While Hype doesn’t have layered import, Photoshop CC 2015.5 does have layered export via ‘File > Export > Layers to Files…’.

(Bill T) #17

Well, here we are, 2 years later. Any word on this? Man, a Sketch plugin would make my day. Principle did it in version 1 - why not you guys?

(Freelancer) #18

maybe you need to add your software to the list. First come Illustrator and Affinity Designer. the standard of all this software is SVG, Hype works well even now :slight_smile:


I agree, Bohemian coding is announcing a new file format for the next sketch version (43).

Here is some information about this :


Maybe it will help to support import from sketch soon :wink:

(Freelancer) #20

FIles as a package like RapidWeaver files, nice and useful.

You are a professional? how long it takes for the manual processing from Sketch to Hype? Can you estimate in percentage/hours?