Importing from Adobe Character Animator

Hello everyone,

I recently tried Character Animator from Adobe and I wondered how I could import the result in a Hype scene. When I export from Character Animator, I get an xml file and png files with the puppet on transparent background…

I don’t see how I can import this into Hype.

Did anyone already try this?

Many thanks!


I thought about that too … maybe post an example file and I/we can look at it.

My low-tech way is to just import the video output from CA

Might it be easier to import the animation frames as a PNG sequence from After Effects instead?


The PNG files would go into Hype's Resource folder~Panel. Unfortunately You can not bring in a neat & tidy folder of PNG files - they will all need to be individual files.

Currently Hype (v3.x.x) does not support any automation of image sequence animation - v4 looks to change that state of affairs.

In the meantime @h_classen to the rescue...:clap:

This might be a solution but it keeps a black background on the mp4 even if you worked on a transparent one in Character Animation :confused:

Hi Max, you may find something here: :slight_smile:

Thank you! Eager to get Hype 4 then!

Hello @Christian,

the export is useless in the sense that it contains a folder with single frames. The JSON-data and the XML also only “describe” the frame export. I was expecting actual position data and the assets (single PNGs per item like arm, legt etc.) to be exported to maybe animated them live in Hype.

Given that this is the export format and there is none other a movie is the better option over single frames as it can be compressed better!