Image button - SEO - alt attribute

For artistic reasons, my entired website is made with images.
But to help google to explore it, I need to put more information everywhere, and I can’t find how to add an alt attribute to images.
In the inspector, the alt option is more for a description when the mouse is over a piture, is there someone who can light me ?

If you select your image, you can set an Alt attribute by filling in the ‘Alternate Text’ area here:

Yes but I don’t wan’t the text to appear when your mouse is over a beautiful image, that does not make sense.
Is this the same attribute or just a description for mouse over, I don’t understand.

I believe both the title=“something” and alt=“something” text is shown on hover, by accessibility readers (for those with sight impairments) and is read by search engines. If you want to hide the ‘title’ or alt tag on hover, you would need to get a little fancy when hovering over that image. (2.2 MB)

I was trying it and found there were no alt attribute on the third image.

If I put a text like “this is alt text again”, it appears on mouse over on Safari.

Did I miss something ?

That one has a ‘title’ tag set instead. The script included in the document can be adopted to remove ‘alt’ text if you’d prefer.

It seams the exemple doesn’t work when I try it. I tried to change “Title Text” in javascript by “ttext” and nothing conclusive. (2.2 MB)

Do you think I am on the good way with this modify document ?

I made some adjustments. Hype sets both Title and Alt when setting Alternate text, so this script removes both on hover. No need to use the Inner HTML anymore, since this applies to every Hype element. (2.2 MB)

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Nice it works Daniel, thank you :wink:

Won’t it be a good idea to add something easier in the next Hype 4 ?
We are a small community of image-button users, and it’s very hard to exist on google, and search engines.

What is the problem you’re seeing with Google and Search engines?

Each button-image on my website is pointing to categories :

  • discography (CDs…)
  • shows
  • contact
  • instruments…

But when I take a look on google to what appear and how it is classified, I can see that google doesn’t understand my website. So I am trying to make my best to solve that.

Also it would be usefull to add H1, H2 section on text fields…

Plaintext links will definitely be more easily understood by Google, so your best way forward right now is to take advantage of that alt text option, but also to set URLs for those scenes (assuming those separate pages are currently setup as scenes).

Thank you Daniel :slight_smile: