iBooks crashes in iOS10

I’ve recently exported this year’s version of a project I’ve been doing for a few years and I’m having some unexpected issues. I’m using Hype-made ads in InDesign, exporting to EPUB (Fixed Layout) and submitting to the iBooks Store. I’ve done this for the past few years without any problems. This year, I’ve done my standard hacks to workaround InDesign’s issues, and I’ve got an EPUB that looks great on the Mac and works well. On my client’s iPad with iOS9.3.5 it’s mostly OK. On an iPad mini (3) and iPad Air 2 running iOS 10, it crashes when I zoom in on the ads. Worse, though nobody found any issues last year, it’s crashing on last year’s edition, leading me to suspect a problem with iOS 10’s version of iBooks.

Has anyone else encountered any issues with iBooks crashing on an iPad, especially with the recent OS?

That is entirely possible. Here's the current list of known issues in iBooks:

I would check to make sure that your image files don't have any spaces or foreign characters.

Following up, we have a problem with any Hype-made ads in an InDesign-made EPUB FXL causing crashing if you zoom iBooks in on them. It seems to be a new problem, something after iOS 9, because these problems now affect a publication released without issue last year as well as this year’s version.

Unfortunately, it looks like the solution will be avoiding Hype entirely, simplifying the animations hugely and using the (very limited) built-in tools in InDesign instead. I guess not enough people ever managed to get Hype content into EPUB FXL, and a change in iBooks has broken them and not much else.

It would be great to see your setup in action, with an Indesign file and a Hype file so I can see what might be going wrong. Can you send me a PM?

If the ads are all that are in your Epub file, you might have better luck using iBooks Author’s fixed layout option: Howto: Get Hype output into a Fixed-Layout EPUB on an iPad