I have a question about users customizing text and photos within Hype externally

I would like to run hype within Wordpress and have a person be able to upload a photo(s) and alter various text fields in Hype externally. Is this possible? Would it be accomplished with an XML file??? I hope this makes sense.

For simple embedding of a Hype document, the Hype Animations plugin is going to be the easiest way.

As for being able to dynamically modify the contents of a Hype document, there are a variety of techniques to do this (though no built-in ways). The first fundamental question is how users would upload this and where the data would go. The second question is how the data is served. Unfortunately it is hard to give specific advice without first figuring out this part of the setup!

While you could serve the data in an XML file, the more common approach is to use JSON, since this is more easily handled by JavaScript. The typical technique is to use an XMLHTTPRequest to fetch the data in JSON (say using an On Scene Load event) and then use this data to set specific properties of Hype elements which have been assigned Unique Element IDs. You can set .innerHTML of elements or use the hypeDocument.setElementProperty() API to set other attributes.

Generally I'd start by searching on the forums for "dynamic data" or "dynamic json" and there are a variety of techniques that have been posted that might be a good fit or at least provide some technical direction.


actually the most effort on this:

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Thanks for the mention @h_classen . There is a new version in the works that will transfer the index helper into the hypeDocument scope (document, local and element) and will probably introduce a display directive (the latter is still being evaluated).