Hype Vector Art to share

Here is a concept piece I did using the vector tool
simple shapes and the polygon tool
The polygon tool is a great way to build “Bursts” in this case I set the sides to 64 and then put the polygon into edit mode and pulled out points to make the spikes.

Coffee cup illustration uses vector shapes and blur and opacity changes.
Really pushed the tools on this one. So far so good not many issues with drawing at this point.

Feel free to take the artwork apart play with it learn from it etc.

COFFEE-concept.zip (122.3 KB)


Great work!


so what are you able to create using a real illustrating prog … :slight_smile: unbelieveable work!


I use Photoshop and Illustrator mostly…


Just thinking though… Hype gives you some of the basics from both of those tools which is nice except I am not sure what falls apart in a Windows browser.
I love that if you were a design student graduating today and had a limited budget for software tools.
That design student could theoretically buy Hype and hit the ground running in today’s market where digital content comes as a first priority.

I still suggest a core Drawing package for long term use though, but the vector tool is getting better with each beta.:slight_smile:


Nick I’ll draft you at Dribbble. :slight_smile: You should be on it.

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Nice work…

Love how you do the detail vectors


Did a layer clean up. Can’t animate like that. :slight_smile: Will test, with your consent, if I can also animate the cups on mouse_interaction. Fills up with Coffee, etc. Good way to test the vector elements.

COFFEE-concept_clean.zip (132.7 KB)


Absolutely tear it up clean it up play and improve. That’s why I love this forum.
We end up learning so much from each other! :slight_smile:



Also…to go back to my original thought…if a person only has one program like Hype
They can also export the image they create in Hype to a .png and then you have a static image that can then be used in animation just as an imported image.

And with the Mac if you have a solid background on a png Preview allows you to remove the background.
In hindsight I would have made a greenscreen background behind the cup to make it easier to remove but you get the idea…

  1. If the Markup toolbar isn’t showing, click the Show Markup Toolbar button , then click the Instant Alpha button (or use the Touch Bar).

  2. Drag over part of the background.

Preview selects the area you dragged over and any pixels adjacent to it that have the same colors.

  1. To delete the selected area, press Delete.

To delete everything outside the selected area, choose Edit > Invert Selection, then press Delete.

  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have the image you want.



@ behance.net
you´re great illustrator - WOW - :+1:love it!!


Got to play with this a bit.
Love it!!

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I missed this post, sorry!!
Nick fantastic work, this is the first example of clasic illustration, using blur shapes and effects. Beautiful! I use Affinity designer (which is made for this purpose) but your work has the same quality.

Hype can also animate these illustrations. We will see fantastic work in the future with hype 4

take a look, this is made in AD but I assume I'm able to redo the same job with Hype ( in order to animate some elements too, like reflections, shadows and so on)


Love this!! great work and yes technically you can build the same illustrations in Hype.

As @Bendora pointed out though illustration/ animation rigging strategy in Hype is going to be a real skill moving forward.

If you plan out the shadows and highlights and gradients correctly then when it is time to rig the animation it will be much easier.
I think that will be a whole new series in HypeDocks!! :blush:

I kind of wish the Morphing worked in a linear way in a controlled fashion rather than whats seems to be find the shortest route which does not always give the motion you are expecting.

I could build that and make it pop.

thanks and yes! gradient with alpha channel + blur. maybe more control over the gradient would be better but the current setting is enough.

Yes! but this feature is very complex!!

“BREVE” for the coffee is not correct (the last label) , it should be “RISTRETTO” in italian Style :slight_smile:

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Latin American rather than Latin romanza I think

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