Hype Vector Art to share

Do you mind elaborating on this a bit? Specifically are you asking for more manual control of anchor point movement (like motion paths on anchor points!) or are there specific shape morphs that have not worked too well?

The next beta will have an entirely new shape morph algorithm, so I'm interested to get my hands on any cases that didn't produce satisfying morph animations and see if they are subjectively improved.

Thats it.

I sometimes find if you set a complex morph you have no control over the direction the points take.
They sometimes take less desirable paths, sometimes looking like worms on hot tin. ( or what I imagine that would look like.. :grinning:)


I will gladly change it! But I wish I was in Italy to actually have one right now! :wink:

New beta.
Wow , So just did a (very) quick test. Moving nice so far. And the ability to add keyframes. Wicked..


Awesome - thanks for the testing as always :slight_smile:.

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Just playing.
Silly crab stick.

silly-crab-stick.zip (20,6 KB)

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One thought though is to puts a ‘continue timeline’ at the start of the time line and right at the last keyframe put another ‘continue timeline’ but with play in reverse
Just gives a smother loop…


Thanks for the advice, the movement it’s smoother.

Seems that’s easier to redraw something inside Hype if the imported asset is in black and white.

empire-states.zip (19,2 KB)


When drawing, new points get stuck to other points. That’s useful when you are starting, but when you have a more complex illustration is a bit frustrating. Changing visibility of layers works, but sometimes you have to much layers to change state.

There is an option to activate / desactivate that behaviour and maybe I don’t found it at menus?

Redrawing some stuff for a client directly in Tumult Hype, from a Affinity Designer original that I imported in black and white SVG. Is vector tool detecting contrast between white and black and getting stuck to that or is my imagination?

Another one, it’s possible to have a spiral tool? (Maybe too much?)

*Edit: Changed gif for a mp4


Uncheck Arrange > Snap Elements or hold down the Command key when manipulating an anchor point.

Also "Elements" is a bit of a misnomer since it is snapping for elements or anchor points/control points. I might need to rename this!

I'm not sure what you mean, but we're not doing anything with other elements so probably imagination :slight_smile:.

Too much for this release, but I've filed it on our feature tracker!

Since this started in Affinity Designer, I'd be curious on your opinion of Hype's Vector Shape tool vs. Designer's and if there's anything else lacking.


Too much imagination, then. :blush:

Thanks! That's solved my problem.
Definitively, yes. I think that some difference like "Snap to elements" and "Snap to points" could be positive.

That's difficult one, every single vector program I worked with have different rules using their specific tools.
And also, almost every single pro in design / animation / web sector will complaint the first time they use that tools.

If you ask in comparison with Affinity Designer, something that annoys me is that when you don't use the stroke it's still there. That's something that works pretty diferent that usual vector programs, in what you can have a stroke or no, and you can choose stroke alignment: inside, outside or centered. Now it's working like a outside stroke, even when you are not using one.

Other thing that, first time, surprised me is that you are drawing with fill colour selected by default. Happens that Hype don't have a fill / stroke mode changer, like Designer, Illustrator or Photoshop. Or a without colour swatch easy to select, that's obscured as an option under a select input.

The last one is, if you change dimensions the stroke mantain their width. If you scale the stroke changes their width. What if I want to scale but without changing the stroke width. Maybe is not the best example, but it also apply to effects like shadows.

I would need to work with the vector tool at Hype a little more to found more things to compare.
I took some screenshots related to what we are talking.

  • Use fill colour


  • Mode changer fill / stroke


  • Stroke alignment

Awesome and useful, thanks for your thoughts!

Hype uses SVG under-the-hood for rendering, and one missing feature with the SVG spec is that it does not have the ability to control inner/outer/centered strokes :frowning:.


Don’t forget Adobe is not the only game in town… Affinity Designer is quite the nice app that works with pixels and vectors.

Sketch-App is another , especially for interface design.

Actually I realized that Sketch (or any other tool really) need to be able to handle this case as they export SVG. I glanced at how they do it and can see there's probably just a bit of math to change the size of the shape such that a center stroke can be faked to be inside or outside. I don't think this will be for v4 still but it is definitely a future possibility.

I don’t know, but I see that W3C have a Working Draft with stroke-alignment since 2015 (with some changes in 2018). Maybe they are “playing” a bit with this, or faking it. Too new for browsers, possibly.

Some properties that will be nice to get at some moment are clipPath, mask-composite, SVG filters with vector tools, without going to code programs.

Based on Sketch’s output they are using math. I’m glad to see it may be on the roadmap, though of course tools like Hype would probably target the v1.1 spec for a while anyhow! As time goes on, I’d definitely like to bring more SVG features into Hype.

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Thanks Nick!
Your thread inspired me, I would like to share more not commercial works with the rest.
Bit by bit.

(...) Hype would probably target the v1.1 spec for a while anyhow! As time goes on, I’d definitely like to bring more SVG features into Hype.

I understand the point, web browser support for SVG 2 it's limited at some points and it's not worth to develop or work with technologies that are not completely in use. I think that the approach "develop by modules", how now SVG, CSS, HTML5 are being evolved, it's better than before, but at some points you would need to develop from scratch (or change the way other functions work).


Finished work for a client.
The only SVG file is the logo at the final.
The rest redrawed from the ground with Hype vector tools and forms (elypse and rectangle).

I can’t share the original file.
I put here because being work that use beta tools, it’s not possible to share in the main forum.
Have found useful to export SVG from affinity designer and redraw in another layer, then delete the SVG.