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Hey all, I’m new here to the forum, I’m a multimedia designer based out of Tampa, Florida, and over the past few months I’ve been getting my feet wet in hype working on educational material.

I appreciate all the information and feedback you guys provide here, it’s been a lot of help.

I was curious to know if anyone knows where/if there are tutorials for Hype? I’ve gone through the Udemy course with Jeff Batt, looked at the tutorials on the Hype website, and been through the handful of tutorials on youtube (in most cases they are years old), but there really isn’t much content out there for training. Am I missing something?


Check out this book…

And, Hype has several tuts online…

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Yeah… ummm… that’s not available right now. :blush:

I’m starting work on a Hype 4… book? …app? …thing? If it goes according to plan, it’s going to be AMAZING …but that’s going to take a while before it’s released. To be fair to the people that bought the Hype 3 book, no book is available right now.

I’m planning to make a forum post about this soonish, but I’m not ready yet. I’m still testing to see if my lofty plan will actually work. I also have to finish up “Intensifies”, as it’s part of the Hype 4 book… app… thing… testing.

Meanwhile, this can be helpful… Free Hype Templates

Sorry Micael, I should have noticed that it was not currently available.

Don’t feel bad. I’m glad you mentioned the book. I gotta get busy though. Your post shows that the work is important.

here you can find good stuff for Hype, models and inspirations from websites and apps made with hype


Truthfully, hypedocks got me up to speed with some of my projects. So great work on that @michelangelo. @CBrigadier the Jeff Batt training was great too watched It on Skillshare.