Hype slideshow issue

we have a problem that needs to be fixed. The slideshow doesn’t work properly under high resolutions (2500>). The image size is incomplete after the image change. Please help!!


You would need to detail your set up a little more. First off you can only fill a space to any size if the elements can scale. Either proportional changing the height of your banner region or by positioning them individually with preference in scale and pinning section. By the looks of it you are using the proportional scale. The problem I see is that the slides are not moved out of the way according to the scale.

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Here are two template outlining the different approaches:

Flexible Slider

All axis are flexible. Content is placed in the sliders and pinned to a side. Don't pin the containers for the slider or the slides, though.

FlexibleSlider.hype.zip (15,4 KB)

Auto Height Slider

This version uses proportional scale and changes the height according to the width. Pinning is irrelevant in such a setup, at least in the content. Again, don't pin the containers for the slider or the slides, though.

AutoHeightSlider.hype.zip (16,1 KB)

Hope that helps


Made a slideshow based on the last post and a carousel using Hype Data Magic:
carousel-fullscreen.hype.zip (1,8 MB)