Add a Photo gallery code

Hello Everyone
I am new here, I am a Commercial Film Director and High-End Photographer. I have only been using Hype for a few weeks, I find it extremely interesting and powerful software, the animation interface is very familiar to me, and trying to learn to write code.

I am trying to build a website with a photo gallery using a code, but don't know how to add it into Hype and I hope you can help me with this.

I leave the link to the gallery that I want to use, maybe someone can explain to me how and in which part these elements are added.

this is the link

if you're a noncoding guy and choose hype because of exact this reason, why not just give Hype itsself a go¿ for example you could start here: Hype slideshow issue

or this old one: Lightbox gallery proof of concept

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I Love It! Thank you so much @intaplink I see how you have added the code and it will help me a lot to continue learning.