Hype scene exports with unused assets, cannot deselect in the Advanced Export dialog

Hi all!

Weird bug here. We are using the Advanced Export dialog to push out some banners. One scene is exporting with assets that are used by another scene and we can't seem to get it to stop. They are selected in the "Include" panel but are greyed out and cannot be deselected for export even though the scene in question does not utilize them (we have quadruple checked). Unfortunately we cannot share the Hype file because of proprietary contents, but I wondered if anyone had an idea of how to fix and how to prevent! Thanks.

EDIT: Now all other scenes are exporting with assets that are only found in one "problem" scene, even though the two do not share use of the assets. Very confusing.

What type of assets are they? (images, scripts, css, other?)

If the Advanced Export cannot make an an appropriate determination on if an asset should be used or not then it will require the asset (checked and greyed out). There's definitely a case that it should be checked but enabled so it can be unchecked, which is a long standing feature request.

Of course, if you're absolutely certain it is not used, then you can manually delete it from the export after-the-fact.

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This is related

Hi Jonathan.

Thank you! They were all images. We managed to rollback the file to a state before whichever error occurred so that the scenes would not automatically export with the incorrect assets because we had to do it several times and manual removal would have been tedious.

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