Allow to select specific JS files in advanced export

Would like to see the ability to select included JS files per slice. Currently, I can only select images.

Would like to see a way to edit the order of included JS files. Maybe even the ability to add HTML before them. How about a ${resourceIncludes} and if that is present, it gets substituted. If not, it is done as usual.


Good use case - thanks for the request!

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If you ever pull this up again from the feature request tracker. Here two things that fall in the same lane.

Replacing ${respurceFolderName} in any JS file in the resource library.

Also, the option to mark a JS file to be included in hype generated js

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I bumped this one up for you :slight_smile:. Should be pretty easy/quick.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean here, like concatenate it to the file? (or inline if that was chosen in advanced export)?

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Exactly I’d rather see it prepended though, but yes that’s it. Either way the order JS files are written into head HTML or in such a scenario prepended or appended in Hype generated JS is of importance and currently not addressed in a manageable way. It seems to be the time of adding it to the project, but I am not sure and haven’t found a good workaround. I think a priority for sorting would do the trick.

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Err yes, that's more specifically what I meant :slight_smile:.

Interesting idea, I don't think it has come up before, but could potentially solve a lot of problems when being able to bring stuff from the head isn't an option. I've filed this!

note also: an export script could do this.

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And it does in case of Hype Bundles with a custom hook. It is so useful... that access to it at a regular Hype Pro level would be really beneficial for users not installing export scripts. So, thanks for filling it!

Best regards and greetings!

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