Hype, Phonegap and Ionic Deploy?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve got an app that I’ve built with Hype and Phonegap and it works great! I was reading about Ionic Deploy, which is a way that I can make updates to the app without having to resubmit the app to the app store.

I was curious to know if anyone here has any experience using Ionic with Hype.

When I try to use deploy to update my app on the fly, the update works in the iOS simulator…but not on an actual iPhone.

Would anyone happen to have any suggestions?



Unfortunately I don’t know what might be going wrong, but @sandor is also working on this platform here: Embedding Hype document in Ionic Framework

Hi Logan, unfortunately i don’t have any experiences with Ionic Deploy. Can you build and run the App on your device manually (via CLI or Ionic Lab)?

Take a look at this: http://microsoft.github.io/code-push/ I haven’t used it but I will once my app is done. It is for Cordova, so Phonegap works too?