Hype on Wordpress site stopped loading

Hi there,

A specific hype document stopped loading recently.

Here is the page can you explain why?

Other hype docs have loaded but not this.

Your help is much appreciated!


It looks like the containing element doesn't have a height and your document has a height of 100%:

There's info for a workaround on this page: Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin

Hi Thanks but this was working for years, I have not changed any code on the page.

It must be something else

Your theme updated, and changed how the 'raw HTML' element is handled in relation to other elements. It was updated on March 17th: WordPress theme RT-Theme 19 Child by RT-Themes

It looks like you can fix it if you set a minimum height for that element to be 750px.

Ok so I have tried and I still get a blank div.

I simply cannot get the is particular hype file to load attached is my hype file.

residential-roofing-scene-2022.hype.zip (694.4 KB)

Hmm so it seems that somehow the class I had defined in the hype plugin was missing. I have it working correctly again, thanks for your help!